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The best software is written by those who know your business.

Since our inception, we've been developing custom software for local area businesses. If you can think it up, we can make it. Our development team is well-versed at turning your needs and ideas into technical solutions.

With every project our focus is to...

  • Ensure our solution meets your needs
  • Make your business more efficient
  • Create a competitive advantage
  • Complete projects on time and within budget

Custom Software Development

We offer custom software solutions on a variety of platforms from the desktop, to the web, and even your mobile devices. Our development culture puts a strong emphasis on creating well-documented, commercial quality code. We attribute this success to a thorough analysis process where we develop a strong understanding of your business and its needs.

We know how to build products...

Because our core-competency is software as a service (SAAS), our development team is already well-versed at creating commercial systems that are maintainable, rock-solid, and secure. With thousands of users utilizing our cloud-based systems at any given time, it's critical to develop software that's agile and not costly to maintain. This is something we're good at, because without it, our model would not be sustainable.'s this experience and knowlege we've refined developing our own products that carries over to your project.


Data Integrations

We're especially good at moving data and getting systems to talk to each other. Whether it's a data transfer from one system to another, database upgrade, or live integration so your back-office systems talk to each other, we've done it all.

Let's face it, businesses are trying to do more with less staff. And one of the easiest ways to streamline back-office operations is to have your systems communicate with each other. It's almost always a good investment to automate the transfer of one system to another. Manual entry by staff is error prone, expensive, and time-consuming.


"Life is so much easier! I get my billing done in a timely manner and it’s easier to keep track of claims/denials. I strongly recommend MedBatch to anyone who does electronic billing."

Empire DM

"10 years in business, we have never been more satisfied while using MedBatch. The system has proven to be the best billing software out there. We would highly recommend BiTS as a software provider."

Buffalo Transportation

"After being in the medical transportation business my whole life and dealing with all the hoops you have to jump through to get paid, there is finally a way that makes it easier than ever. What used to take hours, now takes minutes. MedBatch has made it easier than ever to grow my business."

Quitoni Transportation

"BITS has streamlined the billing process for our company, making it more efficient and freeing up valuable time for customer service and care."

Bates Ambulette

"I have used MedBatch for years, and its wonderful! Any concerns or changes have been handled promptly. I would recommend this system with absolute confidence!"

Aurora Home Care

"BiTS works very hard to make your work easier - accommodating your system to mesh with theirs. Rules and regulations are not my worry anymore; best thing we did was choose BiTS."

Carrier Coach

"I have been using RoutingBox since they were first known as Deerfield when I worked in NY. When buying my own transportation company here in NJ, I immediately thought of them because of how easy and professional they make our working environment. They have given me what I have asked for and more. What is best about it is that they are always available for when changes have to be made to fit our needs."

Honest Ambulette

"Being a small family owned business with limited resources, billing was a huge problem for us. After switching to MedBatch, our billing issues have been resolved. With our receivables flowing steadily, we are able to focus our dedication towards our accounts and customer service, allowing us to expand and better our business."

Hope Ambulette

"BiTS has gone above and beyond for us! They have proven that their expertise is far superior to any company we could’ve paired with. Every service call is answered with professionalism, and most importantly an answer. Personally, the greatest part of our relationship with BiTS is being under one roof. We couldn’t have asked for a better company to work with!"

A&D Transport Services

"I want to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional work BiTS has done for Mayoor Transportation Inc. during the past 6 months. Based on that work, I enthusiastically recommend Buffalo Intelligent Technology Systems as an effective partner in the ever critical area of transportation services."

Mayoor Transportation

"We have been using RoutingBox for a few months now. We are very pleased with the way it has improved communication, reduced clerical errors, and helped the office run more efficiently. The support staff has been extremely helpful. MedBatch has decreased substantially the time it takes to do my medical billing. Also, if I have any questions or problems – help is only a phone call away."

Auburn Medical Transport

I have been using MedBatch since Feb ’15 and could not be more pleased its’ time saving and ease of operation. Today, with the many medical managed care protocols for billing, this time saving is essential to a steady cash flow. What once took days, now takes about an hour, freeing me up for customer service, business growth and staff training and development. Jim and the tech staff have been helpful and patient.

Unity Ambulette

I strongly recommend MedBatch to everyone. The efficiencies are far as time management, accuracy, and peace of mind. This system is top of the market! Billing couldn’t be easier. This program has made my job easier and stress free. Thank you MedBatch!

Cameron Transport