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The most powerful billing & eligibility system on the market.

MedBatch was born from a realization: unlike doctors, many medical professions that deal with Medicaid had no simple and dedicated way to bill. MedBatch changed that, allowing these companies to revolutionize their approach to billing through intelligent automation. Instead of struggling to get paid, companies using MedBatch report increased cashflow, minimized denials, and huge savings of time and money.

Before MedBatch, companies might have as many as three employees dedicated full-time to keeping up with billing. After MedBatch, billing time is usually reduced to under 10 minutes per week with greater accuracy and reduced human error.

Dominating the Market

Since MedBatch was released in 2010, the demand for the software has grown organically and exponentially, largely through word-of-mouth. MedBatch now commands more market share than all competitors combined in the state of New York.

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