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Your route to better business.

After dominating the market for NEMT billing software with MedBatch, BiTS discovered a growing need for the same type of simple, automated solution for scheduling and dispatching as well. The traditional methods of scheduling, dispatching and billing were disconnected, inefficient, and riddled with opportunities for error. RoutingBox, developed for the NEMT industry, solves all of these problems and more.

RoutingBox was the first all-in-one tool for scheduling, dispatching, and billing in the NEMT industry and remains the best. Smart automation, combined with powerful functionality, can make every aspect of an NEMT business simpler, more efficient and more lucrative than ever before.

Driving Results

RoutingBox helps NEMT companies to improve cashflow, increase compliance, reduce human error, and form a real-time connection between drivers and dispatch with mobile applications. As the NEMT industry evolves, so will RoutingBox, providing these benefits and more to our customers.

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