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Our Culture

What's Different About BiTS?

BiTS is a kaleidoscope of challenges, innovation, collaboration, and dedication. Every week is a swirling mix of being challenged to solve difficult and interesting problems, and collaborating with the team to reach the goals we set for ourselves. BiTS is not for those looking for a 9-5 grind; it is a place where every team member makes a significant impact each and every day. We push ourselves in order to push our industry forward; we are at the bleeding edge of our craft.

BiTS is Family

Together, we work hard, we laugh a lot, we brainstorm nonstop, we use hundreds of GIFs a week, and we drink more seltzer & Gatorade than you'd ever think was possible.

What We Value

Relentlessly improve each other, our teams, and our product to advance ourselves and our industry
Have the courage to be better than "good enough." Challenge yourself and others, take risks, and be decisive.
Be open and direct with teammates and leadership. Talk to people, not about people. Admit our failures and learn from them.
Care for each other, empathize with customers; recognize that we are together to be better, and better together.

With Us, "Good Enough" Isn’t.

Embrace a company that measures success by expectations exceeded. A company that finds the best possible solution, and figures out how to make it a reality. A company that demands a lot from its employees, but gives a lot back in return.

Who We Are

   Collaborative. The best ideas can come from unexpected places. We work together to uncover them.

   Supportive. We collectively share in every success, and everyone here is happy to help.

   Full of Opportunity. You’ll make a tremendous impact here. It’s part of the package.

   Customer-Centric. Sometimes we do too much for our customers. So sue us (please don't).

   Improvement-Driven. No one knows it all. But we’ll keep getting closer.

What We Offer

   Recognition. A bunch of small actions can add up to a big contribution. We call them out - with prizes.

   Perks. An easy breakfast & lunch solution. A free (and convenient) gym. Events to add to your social calendar. Free drinks.

   Challenges. Finding solutions is what we live for. This is a place where you'll learn and grow.

   Support. We have high standards, big goals and a team mentality for achieving them.

   Respect. End of story.

(Don't Just) Take Our Word For It

Here’s what some of our team members have to say about working here at BiTS:

We are a team of problem solvers. It's a never-ending learning experience with this high energy group.

- Becky, Customer Service Representative

Every day is a new experience at BiTS. As a team, we are constantly evolving and learning from each other.

- Tracey, Administrative Assistant

The team at BiTS is passionate about what they do. No one is here just to collect a paycheck; everyone is striving to make a positive impact.

- Jake, Director of Software Operations

Being an employee of BiTS allows me to be part of an innovative company that impacts the community.

- Jen, Director of Customer Success

BiTS is a company fueled by dynamic individuals that have a true desire to make an impact on our clients. Everything we do is part of an effort to be better today than we were yesterday.

- Jon, National Sales Director