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Customer Service

Our biggest asset.

When businesses choose to work with BiTS, the expertise and availability of our customer service team is a major selling point. Our team understands the medical billing and transportation industries, not just our software, which helps us solve industry problems and adapt our software to an individual customer's operations.

Customer service at the heart of the company.

At BiTS, customer service is a part of everything we do. Every department is focused on providing customers with a best-in-class experience. From our development team improving our products with customer recommendations to our sales team maintaining lasting relationships, the customer is always the focus.

Our Approach

Extensive training in our software and the industries we serve enables a strong foundation and context for intelligent decision-making. Our staff solves problems all day for our customers, gaining insight into new and recurring struggles which they can bring back to help improve our products.

Thorough Training

   Context is important when solving problems. We put a strong emphasis on being industry experts. In fact, industry training is the majority of time spent when on-boarding new hires.

   Our training is hands-on: This includes working on live calls with seasoned reps, on-site visits to understand how our customers operate, writing software tutorials used for training, and even shadowing sales calls to learn the value of our products.

   From day 1, we set out to refine your communication skills whether it's on a live chat, through an article, on the phone, or in an email. How we communicate is how we present our company.

Strong Values

   It's important that our message is clear. We put a strong emphasis on how things are communicated. How concepts and solutions are conveyed controls whether the customer will be satisfied.

   Customers come to us daily with new industry problems. Strong problem solving skills, industry knowledge, and technical background is what it takes to solve them.

   There's a human element to customer service. Make sure to express empathy and patience. Always show you care.

   Show passion and desire. A desire to improve, a desire to help, and a desire to make a big impact.

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Huge impact

At BiTS, everything flows from the customer service team. Since we're on the front lines every day solving problems, our team has a large amount of influence over how our products and the company evolves.

We are a team of problem solvers. It's a never-ending learning experience with this high energy group.

- Becky, Customer Service Representative

Being an employee of BiTS allows me to be part of an innovative company that impacts the community.

- Jen, Director of Customer Success

Every day is a new experience at BiTS. As a team, we are constantly evolving and learning from each other.

- Tracey, Administrative Assistant