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Creating the best solutions possible.

The development team at BiTS is charged with maintaining, improving, and expanding our core software solutions for the medical billing and transportation industries, including MedBatch and RoutingBox. Developers are challenged by our high code standard to never stop improving their craft. Members of our small, high-performing development team have a significant say in how we identify, conceptualize, and solve problems, helping to drive to future of the company.

Challenged to excel.

BiTS provides a work culture where high-performing individuals can do their best work. The expectation is that you thrive on challenge, high standards, and accountability. Developers must also be effective working in teams to tackle complex problems as they arise.

Internal Development Process

Our development process is designed to allow our team to write commercial-quality code focused on directly solving our customers' problems.


   Microsoft stack: we rely heavily on Visual Studio, C#, SQL Server and the Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform.

   Mobile development: our focus on mobile development means the software our developers create will be in the hands of thousands of drivers, capturing information and connecting them to dispatchers in real time.

   Constant growth: our software is not simply maintained - it evolves with new features and improvement so that we can continue to solve new problems in creative ways.


   Small team: our team is tight-knit and deeply integrated. Everything our development team does has an impact on our operations, and all of our employees have a significant say in how we move forward and improve as a company.

   High standards: we maintain an extremely high code standard and an existing staff of some of the best developers around. New hires are almost guaranteed to grow their knowledge quickly.

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The team at BiTS is passionate about what they do. No one is here just to collect a paycheck; everyone is striving to make a positive impact.

- Jake, Director of Software Operations