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Driven by relationships and expertise.

The product sales team is made up of industry experts and veterans who intimately understand the problems that medical billing and transportation companies face. Our salespeople stay on the cutting edge of these industries so that they can help solve problems and anticipate future solutions that our software can provide. We put a premium on lasting and meaningful client relationships before, during, and after the sale. Our product has a deep immersion in our clients’ companies; so should our expertise.

Our approach to sales is service.

We take a customer service approach to sales. Our salespeople are expected not just to sell but to solve, understand and anticipate the problems that our customers face in the everyday operations of their businesses. This high level of expertise and understanding enables sales to integrate deeply with our development and support teams, as well as with our clients. Done well, the salesperson’s job is not selling as much as it is helping our clients to succeed.

Our Approach

The approach to sales at BiTS is focused on a deep understanding of the medical billing and transportation industries, which provides a context for intelligent decision making.

Values & Expectations

   Industry expertise: every new salesperson is trained extensively in the medical billing and transportation industries to gain meaningful insight into the problems they’ll be solving for our customers.

   Intelligent marketing & sales: we focus on smart inbound marketing and sales that focuses on empathizing with customer pain points, not pushing a product.

   Strong relationships: salespeople remain in regular communication with clients before, during and after the sale, providing expertise and support above and beyond expectations.

   Constant improvement: we are always improving how we sell our product and our company. Our salespeople and our sales process continue to evolve as a result.

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BiTS is a company fueled by dynamic individuals that have a true desire to make an impact on our clients. Everything we do is part of an effort to be better today than we were yesterday.

- Jon, National Sales Director